3 Card Poker Secrets


While, without argument, slot machines are casino’s money-generating monsters, when the topic of games of chance comes up, most people think of individuals with a stack of chips in front of them at a green cloth table. Blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are the golden trifecta of gaming table action, boasting a social aspect that electronic devices cannot offer.

However, while the three listed games dominate casino floors, in the late-1990s, a new contender emerged, 3 Card Poker. It attempted to challenge these stalwarts and assert its place as a popular table choice. For those not familiar with it, 3 Card Poker is a casino poker variant, a gaming card genre that rose to prominence thanks to the invention of Caribbean Stud.

These are player versus dealer games whose action transpires at a similar speed to that of blackjack, but they utilize poker’s tried-and-tested hand ranking system to determine a hand’s winner. While Caribbean Stud did bring this group of products to the forefront of the gaming industry, nowadays, 3 Card Poker is the casino poker king. The game whose license Shuffle Master holds is available at hundreds of land-based venues throughout the US and at pretty much every interactive gaming hub.

Players that have never encountered 3 Card Poker can refer to. It provides a handy guide on playing this game and where to play it. Gamblers somewhat knowledgeable about it can freely dive deep into the subheadings that follow and discover the best way to approach this casino poker variant. In other words, learn about a few secrets regarding maximizing profits when at 3 Card Poker tables.

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