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When you hear about hair loss, most think of older people and the effects of balding. Most do not associate hair loss with children. Unfortunately it is real and it is a hard subject to handle. Child hair loss is not a common condition; however in the US over 2 million children suffer from hair loss. In most cases children will grow out of it, but an unfortunate 40% of them do not. Though most causes of hair loss in children are treatable, it takes time. With time comes the embarrassment of living with the condition and having the bald spots. Here are a few causes and treatments of hair loss in children: Recommendations by “” for “Best Botox injector near me cary nc

Tinea Capitis:

This condition is caused by a fungal infection that affects the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. It attacks the hair follicles and shaft, causing the hair to break. It is a fungus that is passed from child to child through contact. Usually it is passed by sharing combs, hats, bandana’s and other hair items. The fungus needs an entry way to grow and bruised scalps usually allow that. Boys are more likely to get this condition than girls and the age range is 3-10 years of age.

This is not a dangerous condition even though scaling and redness can appear. Though it is not fatal, if left untreated it may cause more balding and spreading. The only treatment for this condition is to see a physician who will prescribe griseofulvin, terbinafine, and itraconazole to treat it. The medicine is taken orally and is taken for 4-8 weeks.

Alopecia Areata:

This condition is often noticed by a sudden patch of baldness that may be as large as 2 inches in diameter. The hair in that section simply falls out and the hair around the bald spot feels loose. The bald scalp will appear to me normal, feeling smooth with no scaling, bumps, or rough spots. The cause of this condition is unknown but it is known that it is not caused by lack of nutrition, stress, or psychological disorders. The condition is not contagious and treatment for it is non-existent.

In 20% of cases, there were family members that had the same condition. 80% of the children suffering from Alopecia Areata grow new hair within 12 months, which is a better rate than adults with the condition.

Physical and Psychological Causes for Hair Loss:

Along with medical conditions that cause hair loss; trauma, stress, and psychologically induced hair loss can occur. Damage to the hair caused from constant pulling, styling, and braiding can cause bald spots in children. Compulsive hair pulling will also cause baldness in children. This is one of the most common causes. After a flu or severe emotional stress hair loss can occur. Stress and illness can cause the hair that is in the growth phase to believe it is in the rest phase and fall out, even long after the illness or stress has passed.

Coping with the Hair Loss:

We always want to fix every problem our children have, however when it comes to hair loss there is not a lot we can do. The feeling of helplessness will overcome any parent as they watch their child dealing with the condition. School bullying, cliques and social acceptance can be a nightmare for children suffering from hair loss. As parents we need to be sure to support our children and be there for them.

The world can be a scary place for kids, especially when they are suffering from a condition that will cause them to stand out. Making sure they have a large support system of friends and family will help minimize the stress and help them through the hard time. Hair loss in children is temporary in most cases, however the emotional scars endured from being different can last a lifetime. Be sure to comfort and reassure your child.

Author bio: A lifestyle consultant, Kerry Matthews also contributes content for, a site that offers facts vs. myths of hair growth “cures.” Kerry encourages you to check out these real hair growth tips for prevention and treatment of hair loss.

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