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Since yesterday I’ve been having a very mixed run of cards and play. I did six $100 9 seated SNGs. The first two I placed 1st and 2nd (in the case of the 2nd I had my opponent all in as a favorite and lost the critical hand and giving my opponent a 5-1 advantage. The next four, however were all bubble outs 4th place finishes with some truely bad-beat situations. In the first I was crippled to a short stack after calling a preflop raise with AA and checking a flop of TTT to my opponent who went all in with JQ. Turn and River J’s gave me a gutshot punch to the stomach and a tiny stack that got blinded out in 4th. The next 3 were all 4ths as well (even with me trying not to take any excessive risks while on the button) AQ vs QJ all in preflop, QJ rivers a straight, etc. I did make some mistakes, but all in all I was very happy with my play in all of the sngs.

That’s not what this entry is about, though. This entry is about transvestite poker players.

During the first hour of event #4 of the Full Tilt Online game slot penghasil uang Series I’m sitting next to someone named pokerguy7070. They didn’t LOOK like a pokerguy…

I’ve played poker live quite a lot and one thing I guarantee you I don’t see very often is this:

Especially on a guy…

Back to the actual tournament, though. I’m bleeding chips by a sieve by basically playing like a donkey. I’ve had a couple all-in moments, including me sucking out on pocket queens with my pocket 8’s while short stacked. The last hand I played there was a minimum raise in early position with 4 callers and me in the BB. I raised pot with AKo which was almost all of my chips and the early position player reraised forcing everyone out. He had AKo also and the flop gave me a backdoor flush draw that didn’t materialize so we chopped the limpers chips. It’s not much, but I’ll take it over the KK or AA I was half expecting him to flip over.

The tournament started with 696 players and there are 396 left. I have 1629T left which is about 1/3 of the average stack so I need some help soon. The blinds are at 60/120. Well speak of the devil. I reraised all-in with QQ preflop and ran into American Airlines. No help on the board for me and out 381st. The flop was all undercards so no getting away from this hand unless I fold it preflop which isn’t likely. Oh well, there’s always FTOPS #5 tomorrow…

FTOPS Event #3 Limit Omaha-8

Event #1 and #2 of Full Tilt’s online poker series didn’t do too well for me. I survived through about 2/3 of the field (2000 entrants in the kickoff event #1) and then got hit by two nasty hands in #2 (the limit holdem event). Two hands crippled me almost back to back and they were against the same player.

In hand #1 they raised (middle of the tournament) with Td 6d and I called in the BB with 88. flop 966 turn 7 and a river 4 kept me in the hand until the end to pay off his miracle trip sixes.

In hand #2 I raised in middle position with As Ks and the same opponent called with Kh Jd and the flop? Of course it was KJx. River was another K to ensure I lost maximum with this hand.

Back to today’s event. For the first hour I’m sitting next to Full Tilt pro Stuart Paterson who is losing chips like a mofo. People are calling double raises pre-flop with hands like 87J2 and hitting while lows are counterfeited, etc. For the first part of the tournament I was doing pretty well, but some monster draws failed to materialize, or pots were chopped when I had by far the best of it on the turn. For example I had KKxx double suited and caught top set on a flop of KQ (low). There’s two diamonds and opponent #1 has the nut flush draw and opponent #2 has AQQ6 and is giving huge action. Oppenent #1 has A35 for backdoor low draws, so in order to scoop Opponent #2 has to hit the case queen and to get low he has to have the cards come runner runner 3 5. They come runner runner 3 5 no diamond and I chop with uber dog.

Here’s Stuart at the first break:

After the break

things started to go seriously wrong as my preflop multiway raises with A23x hands were greated with flops like TTx and I chased a couple hands through the turn when I should have folded. At this point I have 510T left and the blinds are 160, so I’m looking for some good cards and a good flop and … well I need some help!

Help didn’t come in the form of this hand heads up (all in except for 92 chips pre-flop and I bet the 92 on the flop when they had 4 outs to scoop). Ah well, that’s poker.


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