Natural food remove melasma easily


Everyone wants a ruddy face and bright and clean, because it gives not only beauty, but also their spirit of happiness and benefit of physical and mental health. However, some people face there are many melasma, and this phenomenon more in women than in men. So what magic formula to remove it? To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here

Natural foods, with maintenance of the effectiveness of the skin and eliminate freckles there are many types of food. Several are presented by clinical verification indeed effective therapeutic method.

Tomato juice:

Daily drink 1 cup tomato juice or regularly eat tomatoes, the prevention and treatment of freckles a better role. Because the tomato is rich in vitamin C, known as “Vitamin C’s warehouse.” Vitamin C can inhibit the skin tyrosinase activity, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, making the skin white and delicate, melasma dissipated.

Carrot Juice:

Will be fresh carrots broken and squeeze into juice, take 10-30 ml per day morning and evening after washing face, use fresh carrots juice pat face. In addition, the daily drink a cup of carrot juice is also the role of remove melasma. Because carrots are rich in vitamin A former. The original vitamin A in the body can be transformed into vitamin A. Vitamin A has a smooth, strong role of the skin, and rough skin and melasma control.

Treatment melasma small trick in the daily life

  1. A day to eat a vitamin C and vitamin E, can achieve the role of remove melasma.
  2. Apply face with the eggplant skin, after a period of time, small spot is not so clear.
  3. A day used to drink a cup of tomato juice or usually eat tomatoes, to prevent the freckle a better role. Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione, glutathione inhibit melanin, the pigment so calmly decline or disappear.
  4. When washing face, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar in water, and reduce the role of pigmentation.
  5. Will provide fresh radishes broken and squeeze into juice, take 10-30 ml per day after the night finished face painting, to be dry, rinse off clean. In addition, the daily drink a cup of carrots, can be skin whitening.
  6. To stir lemon juice, add sugar moderate drinking. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Often drink lemon juice can not only lighten the skin, but also to make melanin deposition to the role of remove melasma.



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