Reasons Why CS: GO Weapon Skins Are Priced So Differently


Counter-Strike is a game that has been at the top of the popularity list for years. Many players think that the key to success is actually in its simplicity – and the fact that it is one of the first shooting games that gained large communities of players. Of course, as in any shooting game, the most important element besides precision – is the weapon.

Skins for this, as well as many other games, can be purchased – but many players are still wondering why the prices of skins for CS: GO are so different? We will try to explain the causes for that.

Novelties Brought by CS: GO

Although Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is largely in its eighth year of existence – in terms of the number of players, it shows no signs of giving up. Although many old players thought that this version of the CS game would not be a good move – the developers proved the opposite. CS: GO has set some new records and entered the history of shooting games with the largest number of players.

Although similar to previous versions, CS: GO also came with some novelties, such as Gungame mod. Gungame mode is offered in two options – Arms race and Demolition. If you choose the first option, the game involves getting acquainted with the arsenal of weapons – which is the most important part of this game. You will start with one weapon, to later progress through the game and modernize your arsenal. The goal is to reach the final kill at the end of the game. When it comes to the Demolition version, maps must be followed – and here, you only win new weapons if you kill at least one enemy in that round.

Weapons And Skins – The Most Important Things In The Game

Of course, the arsenal, that is, your arms and weapons are extremely important (maybe the most important) part of this game. Whether you’re just a regular player or you have the ambition to become a pro – it is important to know which are the top wanted weapons. After all, the wide offer of weapons as well as your good shooting strategy – are the reasons why players fall in love with this game.

Even though there are many options for it in this game whatever you choose – you will need to pick the right piece of weapon. Luckily, the developers have made sure that this game has a wide variety of weapons that can be appropriate for both beginners and professionals. Also, skins can be bought too – but to the surprise of many players, their price varies. So you can find some at very reasonable prices, while some cost a fortune. And why is that so?

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