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… Stop the Itch!

The treatment for severe dry skin begins with simple home care. Protecting the natural oil in your skin while adding additional moisture is key. Extreme or unresponsive cases of dry skin, however, may need professional treatment. If you are looking forward to chemical peel near me costa mesa

Dry skin is worsened by winter weather. The heat inside, the frigid air outside, and very low humidity are brutal to skin.

Treatment for Severe Dry SkinCombined, they result in irritated, itchy, painful skin… sometimes to the point of cracking and bleeding.

But it’s not only winter weather that aggravates dry skin. Other factors including arid, desert air or skin conditions such as eczema may be the culprit.

What to do?


Maintain Health

Skin is the protective shield between you and the environment… your “coat of armor.” It keeps moisture in and bacteria out.

Nature provides the protective covering, it’s your job to preserve it. Do so by following the tips below:


Limit bathing to once a day. And even though a long soak in the tub is relaxing, a quick shower is kinder to dry skin.

Use warm, not hot, water.

Use a mild natural cleanser.

Gently pat skin dry… don’t rub!

Increase moisture:

Apply body oil or moisturizer after bathing, while skin is still damp. This helps seal moisture in. Repeat one or more times during the day.

Choose a thick, natural moisturizer, such as Weleda Skin Food. Weleda Skin Care products are natural and effective.

If possible, install a humidifier to combat dry, indoor air.

Stay well hydrated by drinking ample water throughout the day.

(Read the:Benefits of Drinking Water for Skin).

When to call the doctor?

Sometimes, treatment for severe dry skin may require medical intervention. Dry skin may be an indication of an underlying medical condition, such as a thyroid disorder.

Below are signs that indicate you may need medical help:

Skin itches with no visible rash.

Dryness and itching interrupt sleep.

You have open cuts or sores from scratching.

Large areas of scaling or peeling skin.

Home care does not bring relief.

Visiting the Doc

Before you go, make a list of your symptoms, concerns, and questions. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

How long has your skin been dry? Is it a recent development, a lifelong condition, or a sporadic occurrence?

Does it affect your whole body? If not, what parts are involved?

What makes the condition worse?

Does anything bring relief?

What’s your bathing routine? Do you take a quick morning shower or long daily baths?

Do you have other symptoms?

Bring a list of medications, including over the counter preparations you are using. Your input, combined with an exam, will help the physician determine the best course of treatment for severe dry skin.


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